1. What is covered by this agreement
1.1 Your claim relating to financial miss-selling and irresponsible lending on your hire-purchase agreement.
1.2 The issue of court proceedings against the lender or broker
2. What is not covered by this Agreement
2.1 Any Counterclaims against you
3. Paying us
3.1 If your claim succeeds, you pay us our fee, an amount equivalent to 36% of your compensation inclusive of VAT; 3.2 If you lose the
case you do not have to pay us anything.
4. Our Responsibilities
4.1 We must always act in your best interests in pursuing your claim for compensation and obtaining for you the best result
reasonably obtainable. We must explain to you the risk and benefits of taking legal action; we must give you our best advice about
whether to accept any offer of settlement.
5. Your Responsibilities
5.1 You must give us clear instructions which allow is to do our work properly; you much not ask us to work in an improper or
reasonable way; you must not deliberately mislead us; you must co-operate with us when asked (cooperation includes an obligation by
you to reply full and immediately to all written or verbal requests for information) .
6. What happens if you win
6.1 If there is an agreement to pay you compensation, you pay us our fee an amount equivalent to 36% inclusive of VAT of any
compensation. You agree that we may receive the compensation your opponent has to pay. If you opponent refused to accept our
receipt you will pay the cheque you receive into a joint bank account in your name and ours. You agree that our fee shall be paid. You
keep the rest of the compensation.
7. What happens if you lose
7.1 If you lose you do not have to pay us anything.
8. What happens when the Agreement ends before the case itself
8.1 You can end the Agreement at any time. You are then liable to pay our costs incurred up to the date you end the Agreement
calculated at the hourly rate, plus any outstanding disbursements.
8.2 We can end the Agreement if you do not keep to your responsibilities in condition 2. You are then liable to pay our costs incurred
up to date the Agreement ends calculated at the hourly rate, plus any outstanding disbursements.
8.4 If you end the agreement as above, you are liable to pay our costs at the rate of £195.00 per hour plus VAT.
8.5 We can end the agreement if we come to believe that you are unlikely to win. You do not then have to pay us anything, save any
outstanding disbursements.
8.6 We can end the Agreement if you reject our opinion about making a settlement with your opponent, or if you issue court
proceedings. You are then liable to pay us our costs incurred up to the date the Agreement ends.
9. What happens after the Agreement ends
9.1 We have the right to keep any property of yours in our possession until any money owed to us under this Agreement is paid in full.
10. Costs
10.1 If Court Proceedings are issued you will have no liability for the other sides costs. We will take out an insurance policy to cover
this risk for you. You will also be liable to our fees as set out for any money received.
11. Conduct of Engagement
11.1 By signing and returning the Letter of Authority, you hereby agree to be bound by these Terms and appoint Consumer Rights
Solicitors to provide the services for such period as to allow us to assess, and if reasonably possible, to complete the Claim.
12. Definitions
12.1 “Claim(s)” means your claim or claims against the Company relating to the mis-selling of a hire purchase agreement or the
application of unlawful charges to the account(s) of the client;
12.3 “Company” means the Financial Institution and or Persons to whom the Letter of Authority is addressed being the Pay Day
Lender, Bank, Building Society, Credit Card Company or Financial Advisor or any other entity which provided the loan tor gave the
advice to you or applied the unlawful charges (including for the avoidance of doubt any employee, director, agents, representatives
and associates of said entities or any other entity and/or of their predecessors); 12.4 “Compensation” means any sums paid or
awarded as calculated at the time of the award that would not have been paid if the claim had not been made;
12.5 “Fee” means the fee of 36% of the Compensation, payment to Consumer Rights Solicitors for the Services carried out by it plus
any legal fees recovered on your behalf; 12.6 “Letter of Authority” means the letter included in the Claim pack to be sent to the
Company by you; 12.8 “Services” means the services provided by CRS 12.9 “Terms” means these terms of engagement within this
agreement and our client care letter to you.
13. Disclaimer
13.1 CRS accepts no liability for any loss suffered by you by entering into this Agreement and specifically in the event that no
Compensation is paid to the client by the Company.
Any claim by way of consequential damage arising out of any act or omission or commission by CRS is specifically excluded.
13.2 You are aware that you could complain directly to the Company at no cost, with the ability to take matters further with the
Financial Ombudsman Service yet still wishes to pursue your complaint via CRS.
13.3 Please note you have 14 days (which starts from date you signed the authority) to cancel your authority, instructing us to act on
your behalf.
“Consumer Rights Solicitors” is a trading name of Consumer Credit Solicitors Ltd and is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors
Regulation Authority SRA No 639255 Company No10610992 Offices at 18-22 Lloyds House, Lloyd Street, M2 5WA.